Introducing Granite Pavers

Natural Stone has a low impact on the enviornment. There are no chemicals used in the mining process and there is no toxic waste produced. For these reasons Natural Stone is used in many projects that have LEED certification. This program is designed by the U.S. Green Building Council, who sets construction guidelines for energy efficient buildings. An estimated half billion tons of Granite scrap are hauled away to land fills, however, and, on average, 30% of each Granite slab is discarded as waste. Luxor Tile & Stone is the only Georgia Fabricator that is turning this waste into an inovative product that reduces the negative enviornmental impact. Our innovative equipment transforms the Granite into different shapes that can be used as Pavers and Tiles.

Luxor is committed to respect and protect our enviornment in every step of our production. We are consistently looking to improve our manufacturating to installation  to maximize recycling.

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